Hanborough Action Group Update 5 – 17 November 2015



Commercial Estates Group (CEG) join the increasingly long list of developers who want to turn our community into a dormitory suburb of Oxford. The details are:

  • to build 120 new houses on land to the south of the Witney Road, just before the railway bridge (travelling east).
  • In addition to the 120 new houses, the developer is offering land for a new 400 space car park, a new pedestrian bridge from the development to the station and space for a new medical surgery or similar facility.

You can view this new application either on the WODC’s website looking for the application number 15/03797/OUT or by going to their offices. If you want to make your views known then please:

In each case don’t forget to quote the reference number of the application 15/03797/OUT and include your name and address. The formal closing date for submissions on this application is 26 November but letters are generally accepted after closing dates.

Points you may want to consider include:

  • The only vehicle access to this new development site and large car park would be directly on to the already busy A4095 Witney Road, at a potentially dangerous blind spot for cars travelling west over the bridge.
  • This proposed development, along with the proposed development by Pye to the west of the village and other proposals for housing in both Freeland and North Leigh, would result in an almost complete suburbanisation of the A4095 from Bladon through to North Leigh.
  • The location is at the far end of the village and as such would be isolated geographically and socially from the rest of the community. This separation would be compounded by the absence of a footpath on the south side of the main road.
  • That your village has already expanded significantly with the new developments at Corn Hide (+24), Burleigh Court (+5), Myrtle Farm Close (+9), Kents Bank (+18) and the approved new development on the Church Road (+50) and that this proposed further development is more than our services and infrastructure can bear.
  • In CEG’s own documents they have marked out an area of land three times larger than this proposed initial development, which they control and could seek to build on in the future. Their outline plan appears to have included three possible access points to this larger area.
  • This development further robs our community of green space, attractive views and productive agricultural land.
  • That this proposed level of development in Hanborough is not proportional or sustainable.

News Update

  • Pye Homes Property Development and Blenheim Palace Estates continue their two-pronged approach to try to force through their proposed 169 house development south of the A4095 to the west of Long Hanborough. As reported previously, Pye/Blenheim have taken their original application (14/1234/POP) which was unanimously rejected by the WODC, to appeal. The appeal is expected to be heard in Witney from 16 February 2016.
  • Pye’s ‘copycat’ application for essentially the same development (15/02687/OUT) will be presented to the WODC Uplands planning committee in either November or December.
  • Pye and Blenheim have made a further new application (15/03341/FUL) to build a fenced (2.10m) enclosed playing area for Hanborough Manor School on land to the south of Kents Bank and east of the Pavilion. The proposal for this remote area is clearly intended to free up the existing school playing field for the construction of a larger school. The school site would be left with extremely limited space for break time and lunch time play. This plan, however, ignores the fact that space and facilities on the new Church Road site have already been set aside to enable sufficient school expansion to meet current and anticipated school demand for the foreseeable future. Pye / Blenheim’s proposed ‘gift’ of a new remote playing field for the village has nothing to do with their generosity towards the children of our village but does speak volumes for their long term ambitions for mass development all across our parish.

To keep up to date with the situation as it unfolds and for key dates as they are confirmed please note the following means of communication and information

  • This website.
  • An email forum, hag-discuss@googlegroups.com, which enables discussions of matters relating to the Hands Off Hanborough campaign, as well as sharing ideas and gathering important and useful feedback.
  • A general contact email getintouch@handsoffhanborough.co.uk. If you know of residents who wish to join the hag-discuss email group, they can do so by emailing their name, address and phone numbers to this address.