Blenheim Estates / Pye Homes Appeal Allowed

We are very sad to report that the appeals 3129767 and 3139807 have been allowed, relating to the planning applications 14/1234/P/OP and 15/03341/FUL by Blenheim Estates / Pye Homes’ against WODC’s rejection of their applications. This means that the 169 house development at the west end of Long Hanborough will go ahead, along with the expansion of the Manor Primary School, with a new, remote playing field behind Kents Bank. The documents relating to the appeal decision are:

Covering Letter
Appeal Decision

Appeal – Updates to Proofs of Evidence

Because of the postponement of the Appeal until May 17 2016, all parties involved have had an opportunity to submit updates or addenda to the proofs of evidence that they submitted in January 2016.

Hanborough Action Group

Revision of original PoE
Photographs demonstrating the impact of the fencing around the proposed relocated primary school playing field.

Hanborough Parish Council

Blenheim Estates / Pye Homes

Blenheim Estates / Pye Homes have submitted eleven documents as an addendum to their original proof of evidence.

The original proofs of evidence submitted in January 2016 are referred to below in the section Appeal – Proofs of Evidence

Appeal – Further Proofs of Evidence

Commercial Estates Group (CEG), the developer whose application 15/03797/OUT  for the ‘Erection of up to 120 dwellings’ next to Hanborough Station was rejected by WODC on the 29 February 2016, have managed to become involved with the appeal process on the side of Blenheim Estates / Pye Homes and submitted a 733 page document on April 12 2016 as their Proof of Evidence. The fact that they have managed to introduce themselves into the appeal process as a Rule 6 party so late in the day seems very controversial, but there is nothing can do about this at this stage.

A reference to this document has also been included with the list of other Proofs of Evidence below.

Appeal Postponed

The appeal by Blenheim Estates / Pye Homes against the WODC decision to unanimously refuse planning permission for 169 new homes on Land South of Witney Road (application 14/1234/P/OP) has been postponed at the request of Blenheim Estates / Pye Homes owing to the unavailability of their barrister. It is now due to start on Tuesday 17 May 2016.

Appeal – Proofs of Evidence

Documents relating to Proofs of Evidence, which substantiate the arguments made in the Statements of Case (see below), are now appearing on the WODC website. These are public documents and we are trying to make them easily available to interested parties. Unfortunately, a lot of the documents are poorly labelled on the WODC web site and it is difficult to determine which of the parties in the appeals process the documents belong to. For this reason we have made a lot of the documents available in a more identifiable manner via the links given here:

Hanborough Action Group
Hanborough Parish Council
West Oxfordshire District Council
There are three further documents containing Appendices: Part 1Part 2 and Part 3.
Blenheim Estates / Pye Homes
There is a very large volume of documentation associated with the Blenheim Estates / Pye Homes proofs of evidence and it will take some perseverance to deal with it. Unfortunately, for technical reasons we have had to make access to the documentation via the DropBox service. You need know nothing about this except to ignore the popup box that may appear from DropBox requesting that you create an account or sign in if you already have an account. Just ignore this, click the X in the top right hand corner of the popup box and carry on.
Nexus / Commercial Estates Group

Appeal Process and Statement of Case

On 6 July Blenheim Estates / Pye Homes lodged an appeal with the Bristol based Planning Inspectorate against the decision of the Uplands Planning Sub-Committee of West Oxfordshire District Council to unanimously refuse planning permission for 169 new homes on Land South of Witney Road (application 14/1234/P/OP). The appeal process is handled by the governments Planning Inspectorate, based in Bristol. This particular appeal has been allocated the reference number 3129767 and this link takes you to the Inspectorate’s web site where details of the appeal are published.

The expected timetable for the appeal process can be viewed here.

For those who are interested, information about the planning appeals procedure is available on the government planning portal website.

Interested parties can request to be involved with the appeal process (known as ‘Rule 6 status’) and the Hanborough Action Group requested and was granted this status, as did also the Parish Council. Rule 6 status permits the submission of a ‘Statement of Case’ allowing the submission of evidence for or against the appeal. In the case of this appeal, WODC, Hanborough Parish Council and the Hanborough Action Group have each submitted a Statement of Case against the appeal and the agent for Blenheim Estates / Pye Homes, West Waddy ADP, has submitted their Statement of Case in defence of their appeal. These Statements are public documents so we are publishing all four of them on this site. The details are as follows:

The next step is for all parties to submit Proofs of Evidence to substantiate the arguments made in their Statements of Case. The deadline for this is 19 January 2016.

Our aim is to respond and object, with coherent and rational arguments and evidence, to the housing developments that have been proposed for our village, should they be progressed on the scale and in the locations currently suggested. It should be noted that we are not against development per se, but only against developments that would be overwhelming and deleterious to our community and its environs. Participation with Rule 6 Status will enable us to ensure the perspective of residents is heard, and to seek the best possible outcome for the community rather than for the developers and land owners.