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Outline Planning permission granted for Church Road development

On Monday 27th April the WODC Uplands planning sub-committee voted to support the planning officers recommendation and approved the revised application for outline planning permission to build 50 dwellings on land east of Church Road, Long Hanborough. The minutes of the committee meeting can be found here.

The committee voted 6 in favour with 3 abstentions and 1 against approval. 3 councillors were absent and none chose to arrange for a substitute in their absence. Among the absentees was our own local councillor Toby Morris, resident of Witney, though  he did e-mail the Chair of the sub-committee recommending approval of the application.

A(nother) date for your Diaries: Monday 27th April – Uplands Planning sub-committee meeting

It has been confirmed that  the revised application from Corpus Christi/Savills  for development on Church Road (14/1102/P/OP) will be heard at the next Uplands Planning sub-Committee on Monday 27th April.

The Planning Officer is once again recommending to the committee that the development in Church Road should be APPROVED.

Read the planning officers report here.

The meeting will be at:

2 p.m. Monday 27th April, Committee Room 1, Council Offices, Woodgreen, Witney

We broke all records with the attendance on the 2nd March,  demonstrating  how much Hanborough cares about its future. It’s important that we once again have a good turnout if we want the decision makers to understand the strength of feeling.

Update – 28th March 2015

Corpus Christi College Application

The Corpus Christi College application to build 64 new dwellings on Church Road was deferred at the last meeting of the Uplands Planning sub-committee. It has now been confirmed that this application is not on the agenda for the next meeting of the committee (30th March) which means that the earliest this will now be heard is Monday 27th April.

*** Trivia question “How much, to the nearest million, are the assets of the charity “Corpus Christi College” worth?”. Those that were present at the last meeting of the planning sub-committee may recall that the bursar of Corpus Christi College, John Harrison, was asked this question by one of the councillors. He declined to answer, but their last annual return, available on the Charity Commission website, gives some clues(!)***

Blenheim Estate Application

The Blenheim Estate application to build 169 dwellings on the Witney Road  was unanimously refused by the Uplands Planning sub-committee at their meeting on the 2nd of March. However, despite the committee’s decision and the overwhelming demonstration of local support for the decision, Blenheim Estate have refused to rule out an appeal. In their latest press release they state  “Pye Homes and the Blenheim Estate are considering their next steps.“. You can read their full statement here.

Planning sub-committee minutes

The minutes of the Uplands planning sub-committee meeting on the 2nd March 2015 and Appendices are now available.

Uplands Planning sub-committee decisions 02/03/15

This afternoon the West Oxfordshire District Council Uplands Area Planning Sub-committee met to decide the future of 2 planning applications that impact on the village of Long Hanborough.

Thank you to all who attended this meeting. c.160 members of the public were in attendance, breaking all previous records(!) and leaving Councillors, planning officers  and the developers in no doubt about the strength of local feeling.

The decisions of the Committee were as follows:

In the case of planning application 14/1102/P/OP the erection of up to 64 dwellings, public open space and ancillary enabling works together with access from Church Road on land to the East of Church Road, Long Hanborough. Submitted by Savills on behalf of Corpus Christi College.

Despite the initial motion to approve the application being defeated, Councillors were unable to agree on the reason for refusal. Following a proposal from the chair (who holds the casting vote), the committee voted to DEFER a decision on this application for one month. 

In the case of planning application 14/1234/P/OP Erection of up to 169 dwellings; with new Doctors’ Surgery, to be up to 740 sq metres in size, with around 27 car parking spaces; with access from the Witney Road, plus open space, and associated works on land South Of Witney Road Long Hanborough. Submitted by Pye Homes on behalf of the Blenheim Estate.

The committee unanimously voted to REJECT this application.

Planning Update

On Monday 3rd November, the WODC Planning Committee debated two planning applications for housing development in Long Hanborough.

Planning Application From Pye Homes/Blenheim Estate to build 169 dwellings on land South of Witney Road, Long Hanborough

All 12 Councillors voted unanimously to defer a decision on this application

Planning Application From Savills/Corpus Christi College (Oxford) to build 68 dwellings on land to the East of Church Road, Long Hanborough

All 12 Councillors voted unanimously to defer a decision on this application 

What Happens Next?

Both planning applications will be debated again. No date has been set at the time of writing but the earliest date a decision can be made is January 5th.

NB. We are aware that further applications may be submitted in the near future for 100 more houses next to the train station and also for up to 200 more houses on land North of the A4095.

What can you do?

Keep on writing to the decision makers, whether you are for or against these proposals. So far over 520 local households have objected to these planning applications, but the deferral of these decisions means that there is still time to make your views known. The deferral of these decisions shows WODC are taking residents views seriously – this is not a done deal.

Write to the Council – IT’S NOT TOO LATE !

If you haven’t yet written to West Oxfordshire District Council (WODC), it’s not too lateTHERE’S STILL TIME. Both applications were deferred at the last Uplands Planning Committee meeting on the 3rd November. At the time of writing it’s not been confirmed when either application will next be on the agenda for the planning committee. All representations made before the committee next consider either application  will be brought to their attention.

Ways to have your views heard…


Anything you put in writing, either by letter or e-mail, and send to the planning officer in charge of the relevant  application 


You cursing in the car when when you’re stuck in traffic on the A4095 X
A conversation in the playground on your concerns about school provision for your children X
A discussion over a pint on how difficult it will be to get a doctor’s appointment X

If you want your views heard – you must write.

Who can write?

Anyone – if you have a view on these proposed developments, particularly if you are affected by them, then you are entitled to write.

  • Do you live in one of the affected villages: Long Hanborough, Church Hanborough, Freeland?
  • Do you use the roads that will be impacted by increased traffic e.g. the A4095?
  • Do you use the Doctor’s surgery that would be faced with increased patient numbers?
  • Do your children attend one of the local schools that would face increased pupil numbers?

Already written but wish you’d thought to mention something else? Write Again!

Where to write:

Please remember to include your name, address and the planning application reference on all correspondence.

All letters should be sent to the following addresses:

To express your views on the Pye Homes/Blenheim planning application for the “Erection of up to 169 dwellings…”, planning reference “14/1234/P/OP – Land South of Witney Road, Long Hanborough” write to:

By email to: hannah.wiseman@westoxon.gov.uk
By post to:
Hannah Wiseman
West Oxfordshire District Council,
New Yatt Road,
OX28 1PB

To express your views on the Savills/Corpus Christi College (Oxford), is for outline planning permission for the erection of “up to 68 dwellings…”, planning reference “14/1102/P/OP – Land to the East of Church Road, Long Hanborough” write to:

By email to: phil.shaw@westoxon.gov.uk
By post to:
Phil Shaw
West Oxfordshire District Council,
New Yatt Road,
OX28 1PB

Hands Off Hanborough!

The village of Long Hanborough in Oxfordshire is under attack from developers. Two developments are current being proposed:

We’ll aim to keep this site updated with the progress of both applications and advice on how you can make your views known to the decision makers.