Hanborough Action Group Meeting

Hanborough Action Group meeting

First meeting

An excellent turn out at this evenings meeting to discuss how we organise ourselves to respond to the proposed developments by Savills/Corpus Christii and Pye Homes/Blenheim Estate.

The slides that were presented are available here: Hanborough Action Group slides 16th July 2014

If you weren’t able to make the meeting but would like to volunteer your services then please contact us via getintouch@handsoffhanborough.co.uk

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    Hi Debbie,
    I have found in the past that the most important thing is to ensure that any greivance gets the maximun amount of media attention .To do this the prolem has to be publicly highlighted via public meetings eg council meetings which have a published agenda,and to invite representitives of the press ,who will have been pre briefed to attend, and provide subsequent publicity. We might also remember that there is a gentleman in number 10 downing street who is our paid local representitive.who holds a local surgery regularly. He needs our Votes . Present him with a petition. Hassle him. Then we need public demonstation for the benefit of the Media .Maximum Publicity to name and shame is what is required.

  2. Debbie Cotton

    Please could someone advise us as to who we actually write to at WODC to make our complaint? Are we all sending letters to the same person? Or just in general to the planning department?

    I am sure residents are aware of this by now…but WODC draft local plan does mention that Blenheim has put forward sites:

    ‘In relation to Blenheim Palace, there have been calls for a specific policy and also for
    the inclusion of a specific ‘buffer zone’ to protect the palace from inappropriate
    development. The Blenheim Estate has suggested a number of potential residential
    sites which they consider should be allocated within the Local Plan on the basis of
    meeting local needs and also contributing towards the maintenance and restoration of
    the Blenheim WHS’.

    I love the fact that they want a buffer around them to protect the palace from inappropriate development but are more than happy to lumber us with it!!!! This statement made me furious!

    I am delighted I have such wonderful neighbours and I am so proud that everyone has come together to fight this.

    Your neighbour

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