Pye Make Financial Threat to WODC

This letter, from West Waddy on behalf of Pye Homes Property Developers and Blenheim Palace Estate, has just been sent to WODC (19 Jan 2016). It has been logged on the WODC planning website, from which the copy available here was taken.

It makes a direct financial threat to WODC that should they persist in resisting their applications for the following:

  • Land off Witney Road, Long Hanborough (for residential development of up to 169 dwellings with new Doctors’ Surgery)
  • The development of playing fields on land east of Hanborough Bowling Club.

…that they will press for full and substantial costs.

It asks WODC to cave in and allow the application to be approved on February 1st at 2:00 p.m. at Wood Green, and also to drop the appeal regarding the refusal of the relocation of the Manor Sports Field.

We have grounds to believe that WODC Officers are considering this option, but we won’t know for certain until we see the report and its recommendations from Officers this Friday afternoon. If the Officer’s recommendation is to APPROVE, it is then up to the 12 members of the Uplands Sub-Committee to have the courage of their convictions that this is the wrong course of action to take and again reject it, despite the Officer’s advice.

Your presence at the Uplands Sub-Committee meeting at Wood Green on Monday February 1st at 2 p.m. will be very important and show how much Hanborough rejects both the developments Pye have presented (which have been unanimously rejected by both residents and WODC) and the bully boy tactics that Pye are prepared to engage in to achieve their aims.

With our thanks in advance if you are able to come to the meeting.