Planning Appeal Update

Key Players

  • Inspector – Philip Asquith
  • WODC Barrister – Westmorland Smith
  • Pye’s Barrister – Sasha White (Absent for personal reasons)
  • HPC – Niels Chapman
  • HAG – Stuart Brooks
  • Parishioners – about 60

The inspector opened by announcing that the appeal could not go ahead and would have to  be rescheduled. WODC and Pye Barristers had agreed a mutually acceptable date based on their diaries for the w/c of 16th May.  Niels Chapman, representing Hanborough Parish Council, informed the inspector that he would be away that week

A draft timetable was sent into Bristol by the inspector on Friday but had not unfortunately been shared between the parties. He informed the parties that It indicates that this is likely to be a 5 day event (rather than 4).

The Inspector decided that it will start on the 17th May and run into the following week. The inquiry may need to vacate the council chambers for the council meeting that cannot be moved.

The two Barristers previously were on opposing sides in West Wallingford where the housing supply was an issue. They have put forward a round table discussion approach to address this issue. Inspector was amenable to this approach rather than by formal hearing as being an effective way of getting information out and reduce time. HAG and PC were invited to attend this round table, but main parties would be WODC and the Appellant.

The Inspector agreed to a site visit later today. West Waddy have put forward a route and vantage points for the inspector to consider, which didn’t include all the points the council have suggested, however West Waddy conceded that the route would take these additional vantage points into consideration. Site visit will meet at the Reily close car park at 11:15 to view the school playing field first. Then move on to the main site.

Niels Chapman (PC) and Stuart Brooks (HAG) asked about the scope of the appeal and concern that new documents were suddenly appearing from West Waddy.  John Ashton (West Waddy) said they were allowed to submit additional papers to the appeal as they had ticked the relevant box on the appeal. The Inspector concurred with this and said he would be making his decision based on the evidence placed in front of him on the day.

A small group with representative’s of all parties then took a tour of the vantage points, with the addition of the Hurdeswell paddock to ascertain the impact of the development on the rural views currently possible from public vantage points.