Pye Homes Property Developers and Blenheim Palace Estates have submitted another application in addition to appealing the previous WODC decision to unanimously refuse planning permission on 2 March.

• This is a new application to build 169 homes and a “surgery shell” on land south of the Witney Road, Long Hanborough.

This application is virtually identical to the previous application that was refused by WODC’s Uplands Planning Committee.

• The only significant changes are to the boundary planting scheme, and the inclusion of a new route to the proposed estate through the back of Hurdeswell. The new site plan and Hurdeswell Route can be downloaded here.

THIS MEANS THERE ARE NOW TWO ATTEMPTS TO DRIVE THROUGH THIS SCHEME, Pye’s appeal of the previous decision and this new application.

• You can view this new application either on WODC’s planning website searching for application number 15/02687/OUT or by going to their Elmfield offices in New Yatt Road, Witney to read the paper copies.

• This latest application is independent of the one they made previously. Although you may have sent comments in already they will not be considered in relation to this latest initiative – you do need to write a new letter.

If you wish to make your views known then details of how you can do this are below. You can use all the points of objection you used if you wrote last time, they are still valid.

• The deadline for comments is 3 September 2015 but late comments are acceptable and will be reported to the planning committee.


Write again quoting reference number 15/02687/OUT

You can either make your representation by email to planning@westoxon.gov.uk or by post to ‘The Planning Department, Elmfield, New Yatt Road, Witney, OX28 1PB’. If more than one member of your household hold a view on the application then if doing so by post you can put all the letters in the same envelope. It is the number of people who comment that counts, joint signatures only count as a single comment. The closing date is September 3rd, but if you cannot write before this time briefly state the reason why you are late in responding. HAG will ensure that your comments are considered even after this date.

Points you may want to consider in your letter or email, if you have any additional concerns to add to the list below then this would be helpful.

• The A4095 is already over capacity at peak times, and more cars means more congestion, danger, noise and pollution.

• That you do not wish to have an additional burden put on our Surgery, nor for it to be relocated to the edge of the village.

• That our school is already at capacity, and the scheme proposed to relocate the playground behind Reily Close to make room for building more classrooms on the current playground is unacceptable.

• That with 50 houses already given permission, and building expected to start soon on Church Road this is more than enough strain on all our services.

• That we value our green space, and our identity as a village, and our boundaries should not be extended towards other nearby settlements. It is only a matter of time before Hanborough ends up as part of Bladon and/or Freeland at this proposed rate of development.

• That you value the wildlife, biodiversity and productive agricultural land which borders Hanborough.