It’s Never Too Late to Write

The good news is that none of the property developers pressurising Hanborough is on the agenda of the next WODC planning meeting on November 30th. The next opportunity they have to put forward their cases to the twelve WODC Councillors on the Uplands Committee is now January 4th. We have no information as to whether they will do so on this date, or whether they will wait until the next meeting on February 1st. However, this DOES mean we can continue to make our views by emailing to .

The following planning applications are still to be decided and it’s therefore not too late to write a letter of objection for any of them. In the table below, the title of the application will link to a document on this web site which will give some guidance on aspects of the application that you may want to write about. The application number will link to the relevant page on the WODC web site that provides all the details about the planning application and all letters written so far.

Land South East Of Pinsley Farm Main Road Long Hanborough Oxfordshire
Erection of up to 120 dwellings and provision of building for Class D1 use, together with associated works (means of access only)
Land South Of Witney Road Long Hanborough Oxfordshire
Erection of up to 169 dwellings, with new Doctors’ Surgery to be up to 740 sq metres in size, with around 27 car parking spaces (means of access only)
Application from Pye Homes to Relocate the Manor School Playing Field 15/03341/FUL

The bad news is that the threats implied by these planning applications have not gone away. Maybe the developers are thinking that the longer this goes on the less people will keep writing (with over 99% of us NOT in favour) given that it’s easy to feel that no one is listening.

However, with WODC close to the point of weighing our letters instead of counting them, it’s fantastic to see so many people refusing to give in on the future of our village.