Cantay Estates Ltd Development Application

Cantay Group has submitted an application, 16/03948/ OUT, to West Oxon for 94 dwellings in Tuckwell’s Pit, on the west side of Church Road, across from the Corpus Christi College proposed development of 50 houses on the east side of the road.

Cantay Estates Outline Layout

Cantay Estates Outline Layout

Hanborough has already accepted two large developments, on Church Road and on the south side of the A4095, totaling 219 dwellings, which will be an increase of 20% on the existing number of houses in the Parish. The current infrastructure cannot sustain this, and the village would not be able to incorporate such a large number of new residents within a short time.

The site is where the residential area of Hanborough on the west side of Church Road ends and the open countryside establishes itself as the rural setting for the village. The development will be detrimental to the uninterrupted views from Hanborough to Freeland. Tuckwell’s Pit, is a former quarry, but which over time has subsequently become green fields and a natural nature reserve. It is set well below the level of Church Road, Churchill Way and Isis Close, whose houses will look down on the development dwellings built on the site.

If you wish to comment to the development, please write as soon as possible either by email to

or by post to

Catherine Tetlow,
Planning Department,
West Oxfordshire District Council,
New Yatt Road,
Witney OX28 1PB.

The official deadline is 19 January 2017 but letters/emails will be accepted after that date up until the decision is made at the planning committee, which may not be until March, but better to get letters in as early as possible, please.

Here are some possible reasons for objecting, but the Planning Department would also appreciate residents’ relevant personal or local knowledge.


  1. The Applicant makes no provision for health or education infrastructure. The current doctors’ surgery and school cannot take the extra patients and children from the accepted developments. The Applicant is piggy-backing on the possibility that other developers will offer expansion to surgery and school facilities but these are not guaranteed, and may provide only sufficient cover for their own residents.
  2. The SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) that borders two sides of the site will be damaged by the construction of a new access drive.
  3. The site  floods in winter, at the north and at west end of the field, by the brook, where it may be underwater for long periods.
  4. There are serious foul water drainage problems stretching from Marlborough Crescent through the end of Isis Close and through to the brook. The Sewage Farm at Pigeon House Lane will probably be unable to cope with the foul water generated by the large estate, in addition to that generated by the PyeHomes development.
  5. The access will be very close to that of the accepted Church Road development, resulting in traffic congestion of vehicles entering and leaving both sites at peak times.
  6. The addition of traffic from the Applicant’s development, nearly twice that of the Church Road development would significantly overload the road. The Church Road application showed that it alone would produce traffic movements in excess of capacity at peak times on the A4095 at the Co-Op roundabout.
  7. Traffic on Church Road is already congested because of residential parking on the road. Traffic movement is restricted by cars and lorries manoeuvring round stationary vehicles. This, together with the fume pollution from cars and construction HGVs , will be dangerous for children walking to school.
  8. The site is neither infilling nor rounding off and is outside the existing building line.
  9. An application for development has twice been defeated at previous appeals.

It is very important to voice your objections to West Oxon District Council. Please do so as soon as possible.