Blenheim Estates / Pye Homes Appeal

HAG Expresses Concerns to WODC and the Planning Inspectorate

Following the publication of the Planning Inspector’s decision on the Witney Road scheme from Blenheim Estates / Pye Homes, Stuart Brooks, on behalf of HAG, has been in correspondence with WODC and the Planning Inspectorate about how the planning inquiry was conducted.


In summary HAG expressed the following concerns to WODC, both in writing and through an address to the full council meeting:

  • The late submission on documents
  • The lack of a planning policy
  • The commitment given by a council officer that “Long Hanborough is a suitable for significant housing developments”
  • The reliance on one council officer to present the case with no support from expert witnesses unlike Pye who had a Q.C. supported by six expert witnesses

The full correspondence and a copy of an address made by Stuart Brooks to all District Councillors at the September 2016 meeting of full council can be found here.

Planning Inspectorate

Regarding the Planning Inspectorate, correspondence highlighted:

  • Failure to enforce the deadlines and requirements for submission of documents
  • Poor guidance on how planning inquiries are conducted
  • Failure to produce a final agenda before the inquiry commenced
  • The “gentleman’s agreement” between the Inspector, WODC and Pye on how evidence could be presented and the failure to inform third parties

The full correspondence can be found here.