1st Feb 2016 Uplands Area Planning Sub-Committee — Please be there if you can

2 p.m. WODC Offices, Woodgreen, Witney

Despite the threat from Pye to apply for substantial costs against our local authority if they don’t back down (see the blog entry below), Council Officers have so far stood firm and are recommending PROVISIONAL REFUSAL at the next Uplands Planning meeting on February 1st.

The report for the meeting from Mr. Shaw (Area Development Manager at WODC) can be found here. This contains a summary of the consultations and representations that have taken place, the Council Officer’s Planning Assessment in section 5, and the reason for refusal. Please note in particular section 5.38, which explains why the recommendation is only ‘provisional’ to refuse.

Now we need the 12 voting Councillors to also hold their nerve on the day, and demonstrate that our community and WODC will not be bullied into submission by Pye.

Please come along if you can and show our Councillors that we support the proposal to refuse Pye planning permission, and help take the issue further to the appeal hearing starting on February 16th at 10 a.m.