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Planning Appeal Update

Key Players

  • Inspector – Philip Asquith
  • WODC Barrister – Westmorland Smith
  • Pye’s Barrister – Sasha White (Absent for personal reasons)
  • HPC – Niels Chapman
  • HAG – Stuart Brooks
  • Parishioners – about 60

The inspector opened by announcing that the appeal could not go ahead and would have to  be rescheduled. WODC and Pye Barristers had agreed a mutually acceptable date based on their diaries for the w/c of 16th May.  Niels Chapman, representing Hanborough Parish Council, informed the inspector that he would be away that week

A draft timetable was sent into Bristol by the inspector on Friday but had not unfortunately been shared between the parties. He informed the parties that It indicates that this is likely to be a 5 day event (rather than 4).

The Inspector decided that it will start on the 17th May and run into the following week. The inquiry may need to vacate the council chambers for the council meeting that cannot be moved.

The two Barristers previously were on opposing sides in West Wallingford where the housing supply was an issue. They have put forward a round table discussion approach to address this issue. Inspector was amenable to this approach rather than by formal hearing as being an effective way of getting information out and reduce time. HAG and PC were invited to attend this round table, but main parties would be WODC and the Appellant.

The Inspector agreed to a site visit later today. West Waddy have put forward a route and vantage points for the inspector to consider, which didn’t include all the points the council have suggested, however West Waddy conceded that the route would take these additional vantage points into consideration. Site visit will meet at the Reily close car park at 11:15 to view the school playing field first. Then move on to the main site.

Niels Chapman (PC) and Stuart Brooks (HAG) asked about the scope of the appeal and concern that new documents were suddenly appearing from West Waddy.  John Ashton (West Waddy) said they were allowed to submit additional papers to the appeal as they had ticked the relevant box on the appeal. The Inspector concurred with this and said he would be making his decision based on the evidence placed in front of him on the day.

A small group with representative’s of all parties then took a tour of the vantage points, with the addition of the Hurdeswell paddock to ascertain the impact of the development on the rural views currently possible from public vantage points.

Uplands Planning Sub-Committee Decision, 1 Feb 2016

The application 15/02687/OUT from Blenheim Estates / Pye Homes for the ‘Erection of up to 169 dwellings, with new Doctors’ Surgery’ was considered today (1 Feb 2016) by the WODC Uplands Planning Sub-Committee.

It was unanimously rejected.

The councillors were particularly concerned about the impact on the school, coalescence with Freeland and, although it could not be cited as a reason, the impact on traffic. Details of the grounds for rejection can be viewed here.

Thanks to everyone who turned up – we had a record crowd of 157 villagers!

For those who were unable to attend, the presentations made by the Hanborough Action Group, Hanborough Parish Council and West Waddy (on behalf of Blenheim Estates / Pye Homes) were recorded and can be listened to here:

   Hanborough Action Group

  Hanborough Parish Council

West Waddy, on behalf of Blenheim Estates / Pye Homes

For those who want to hear the announcement of the unanimous verdict against the application, here it is:

The next phase in our battle with developers is the appeal by Blenheim Estates / Pye Homes against WODC unanimous rejection of their applications 14/1234/P/OP and 15/03341/FUL.  This starts at 10am on 16 February 2016 at WODC Offices, Woodgreen.

1st Feb 2016 Uplands Area Planning Sub-Committee — Please be there if you can

2 p.m. WODC Offices, Woodgreen, Witney

Despite the threat from Pye to apply for substantial costs against our local authority if they don’t back down (see the blog entry below), Council Officers have so far stood firm and are recommending PROVISIONAL REFUSAL at the next Uplands Planning meeting on February 1st.

The report for the meeting from Mr. Shaw (Area Development Manager at WODC) can be found here. This contains a summary of the consultations and representations that have taken place, the Council Officer’s Planning Assessment in section 5, and the reason for refusal. Please note in particular section 5.38, which explains why the recommendation is only ‘provisional’ to refuse.

Now we need the 12 voting Councillors to also hold their nerve on the day, and demonstrate that our community and WODC will not be bullied into submission by Pye.

Please come along if you can and show our Councillors that we support the proposal to refuse Pye planning permission, and help take the issue further to the appeal hearing starting on February 16th at 10 a.m.

Pye Make Financial Threat to WODC

This letter, from West Waddy on behalf of Pye Homes Property Developers and Blenheim Palace Estate, has just been sent to WODC (19 Jan 2016). It has been logged on the WODC planning website, from which the copy available here was taken.

It makes a direct financial threat to WODC that should they persist in resisting their applications for the following:

  • Land off Witney Road, Long Hanborough (for residential development of up to 169 dwellings with new Doctors’ Surgery)
  • The development of playing fields on land east of Hanborough Bowling Club.

…that they will press for full and substantial costs.

It asks WODC to cave in and allow the application to be approved on February 1st at 2:00 p.m. at Wood Green, and also to drop the appeal regarding the refusal of the relocation of the Manor Sports Field.

We have grounds to believe that WODC Officers are considering this option, but we won’t know for certain until we see the report and its recommendations from Officers this Friday afternoon. If the Officer’s recommendation is to APPROVE, it is then up to the 12 members of the Uplands Sub-Committee to have the courage of their convictions that this is the wrong course of action to take and again reject it, despite the Officer’s advice.

Your presence at the Uplands Sub-Committee meeting at Wood Green on Monday February 1st at 2 p.m. will be very important and show how much Hanborough rejects both the developments Pye have presented (which have been unanimously rejected by both residents and WODC) and the bully boy tactics that Pye are prepared to engage in to achieve their aims.

With our thanks in advance if you are able to come to the meeting.

Uplands Planning Sub-Committee Decision, 4 Jan 2016

The application from Pye Homes to Relocate the Manor School Playing Field (15/03341/FUL) was considered today (4 Jan 2016) by the WODC Uplands Planning Sub-Committee.

It was unanimously rejected.

Details of the grounds for rejection will be published soon. Pye Homes had already decided to take this application to appeal but the Council still had to formally consider the application in order to define the terms for rejection which will then have to be defended at the appeal.

It has already been decided by the Planning Inspector that this appeal will be heard along with the appeal against the Council’s unanimous rejection in March 2015 of application 14/1234/P/OP (Erection of up to 169 dwellings; with new Doctors’ Surgery, to be up to 740 sq metres in size, with around 27 car parking spaces; with access from the Witney Road, plus open space, and associated works on land South Of Witney Road Long Hanborough).

This appeal starts on Tuesday 16 Feb 2016.

Further information relating to this appeal can be viewed via the appeal tab of this web site.


Changes to the WODC Diary

Issues are developing quite rapidly at the moment and we just found out that yesterday Pye requested that their second application to build 169 houses on Land South of the Witney Road will not be considered by the Uplands Planning Sub-Committee until 1 Feb 2016. So, at the Uplands Planning Sub-Committee meeting on 4 Jan 2016, they will only be considering the Pye application to relocate the Manor School sports field.

The diary details have been updated to reflect this development. We will keep you posted of any further changes that come to our attention.

2pm, WODC Woodgreen Offices – BE THERE IF YOU CAN !!!!!!!

Monday 4th January is another very big day for the future of Hanborough, and once again HAG would greatly value your continuing support. At 2 p.m. in the Woodgreen offices of WODC in Witney, our Uplands Planning Committee will meet and two key planning applications will be discussed, these being the relocation of the Manor School sports field to behind Kents Bank, and Pye’s second attempt to build 169 houses on Land South of the Witney Road.

You can make a difference by attending if you can possibly spare a couple of hours or so of your time on that afternoon.

For further updates closer to this crucial committee meeting please see this website or our Facebook page.

It’s Never Too Late to Write

The good news is that none of the property developers pressurising Hanborough is on the agenda of the next WODC planning meeting on November 30th. The next opportunity they have to put forward their cases to the twelve WODC Councillors on the Uplands Committee is now January 4th. We have no information as to whether they will do so on this date, or whether they will wait until the next meeting on February 1st. However, this DOES mean we can continue to make our views by emailing to .

The following planning applications are still to be decided and it’s therefore not too late to write a letter of objection for any of them. In the table below, the title of the application will link to a document on this web site which will give some guidance on aspects of the application that you may want to write about. The application number will link to the relevant page on the WODC web site that provides all the details about the planning application and all letters written so far.

Land South East Of Pinsley Farm Main Road Long Hanborough Oxfordshire
Erection of up to 120 dwellings and provision of building for Class D1 use, together with associated works (means of access only)
Land South Of Witney Road Long Hanborough Oxfordshire
Erection of up to 169 dwellings, with new Doctors’ Surgery to be up to 740 sq metres in size, with around 27 car parking spaces (means of access only)
Application from Pye Homes to Relocate the Manor School Playing Field 15/03341/FUL

The bad news is that the threats implied by these planning applications have not gone away. Maybe the developers are thinking that the longer this goes on the less people will keep writing (with over 99% of us NOT in favour) given that it’s easy to feel that no one is listening.

However, with WODC close to the point of weighing our letters instead of counting them, it’s fantastic to see so many people refusing to give in on the future of our village.

Yet another new planning application

Commercial Estates Group (CEG) join the increasingly long list of developers who want to turn our community into a dormitory suburb of Oxford. They have submitted planning application 15/03797/OUT  for a development of 120 houses south of the Witney Road and west of the  railway bridge. The formal closing date for submissions on their application and how to make your views known are available in our Newsletter Update 5 – 17 November 2015.