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Cantay Estates Ltd Development Application

Cantay Group has submitted an application, 16/03948/ OUT, to West Oxon for 94 dwellings in Tuckwell’s Pit, on the west side of Church Road, across from the Corpus Christi College proposed development of 50 houses on the east side of the road.

Cantay Estates Outline Layout

Cantay Estates Outline Layout

Hanborough has already accepted two large developments, on Church Road and on the south side of the A4095, totaling 219 dwellings, which will be an increase of 20% on the existing number of houses in the Parish. The current infrastructure cannot sustain this, and the village would not be able to incorporate such a large number of new residents within a short time.

The site is where the residential area of Hanborough on the west side of Church Road ends and the open countryside establishes itself as the rural setting for the village. The development will be detrimental to the uninterrupted views from Hanborough to Freeland. Tuckwell’s Pit, is a former quarry, but which over time has subsequently become green fields and a natural nature reserve. It is set well below the level of Church Road, Churchill Way and Isis Close, whose houses will look down on the development dwellings built on the site.

If you wish to comment to the development, please write as soon as possible either by email to

or by post to

Catherine Tetlow,
Planning Department,
West Oxfordshire District Council,
New Yatt Road,
Witney OX28 1PB.

The official deadline is 19 January 2017 but letters/emails will be accepted after that date up until the decision is made at the planning committee, which may not be until March, but better to get letters in as early as possible, please.

Here are some possible reasons for objecting, but the Planning Department would also appreciate residents’ relevant personal or local knowledge.


  1. The Applicant makes no provision for health or education infrastructure. The current doctors’ surgery and school cannot take the extra patients and children from the accepted developments. The Applicant is piggy-backing on the possibility that other developers will offer expansion to surgery and school facilities but these are not guaranteed, and may provide only sufficient cover for their own residents.
  2. The SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) that borders two sides of the site will be damaged by the construction of a new access drive.
  3. The site  floods in winter, at the north and at west end of the field, by the brook, where it may be underwater for long periods.
  4. There are serious foul water drainage problems stretching from Marlborough Crescent through the end of Isis Close and through to the brook. The Sewage Farm at Pigeon House Lane will probably be unable to cope with the foul water generated by the large estate, in addition to that generated by the PyeHomes development.
  5. The access will be very close to that of the accepted Church Road development, resulting in traffic congestion of vehicles entering and leaving both sites at peak times.
  6. The addition of traffic from the Applicant’s development, nearly twice that of the Church Road development would significantly overload the road. The Church Road application showed that it alone would produce traffic movements in excess of capacity at peak times on the A4095 at the Co-Op roundabout.
  7. Traffic on Church Road is already congested because of residential parking on the road. Traffic movement is restricted by cars and lorries manoeuvring round stationary vehicles. This, together with the fume pollution from cars and construction HGVs , will be dangerous for children walking to school.
  8. The site is neither infilling nor rounding off and is outside the existing building line.
  9. An application for development has twice been defeated at previous appeals.

It is very important to voice your objections to West Oxon District Council. Please do so as soon as possible.

Commercial Estates Group Appeal Starts 13 Dec 2016

The CEG Appeal against the WestOxon refusal of the erection of 120 houses on land SE of Pinsley Farm on the Main Road, adjacent to the railway line, and provision of building for Class D1 use, is being held from Tuesday 13 to Friday 16, and again on 20 December, starting at 10am, at the WODC offices in WoodGreen, Witney.

It is very important that as many residents from the village as possible attend the Appeal, particularly on the first and last days, if only for a few hours. When the Appeal timetable is established on the 13 December, we can tell residents whether there are other times when the presence of Hanborough residents at the Appeal would be beneficial.

The Appeal reference is APP/D3125/W/16/3148400, but all the documents are available on the WestOxon Planning site as 15/03797/OUT.

Please look at them, and please, please attend the Appeal if you possibly can.

CEG’s ambitions for the ‘regeneration, redevelopment and re-imagination’ of communities such as Hanborough are huge and should not be under-estimated.

Cantay Estates Ltd

The developers Cantay Estates have put forward for public consultation a proposal for 94 homes in the area known as Tuckwell’s Pit – an area of land to the right of Church Road as you travel towards Church Hanborough. This area was once a gravel pit. They are suggesting that there will be 19 ‘starter homes’ for local first-time buyers plus 28 affordable homes and are also proposing new areas of public open space with foot and cycle paths across the site.

Cantay Meeting with Hanborough Parish Council

On Tues 11 October, 7:15pm the Parish Council has its monthly meeting at the Hanborough Pavilion. Cantay Estates will be attending, making a presentation and answering questions from the Council. As always, this is a public meeting and members of the public are always invited to attend. Further information about this potential development may be revealed as a result of the company’s presentation and the questioning from the Parish Council members.

The planning application has yet to be submitted to West Oxfordshire so this is only a proposal. For more information on the proposal please visit Cantay Estates’ website at


If this scheme does goes ahead then this will add to the 169 homes approved on Witney Road, another 50 on Church Road and potentially 120 close to the station. Thus the number of homes in the village will increase from 1100 to around 1550 in a very short space of time. It remains to be seen what provision will be made for facilities and services that this expansion would necessitate and how the impact on our environment would be minimised. 

We will keep you updated on this website with events as they unfold.

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Blenheim Estates / Pye Homes Appeal

HAG Expresses Concerns to WODC and the Planning Inspectorate

Following the publication of the Planning Inspector’s decision on the Witney Road scheme from Blenheim Estates / Pye Homes, Stuart Brooks, on behalf of HAG, has been in correspondence with WODC and the Planning Inspectorate about how the planning inquiry was conducted.


In summary HAG expressed the following concerns to WODC, both in writing and through an address to the full council meeting:

  • The late submission on documents
  • The lack of a planning policy
  • The commitment given by a council officer that “Long Hanborough is a suitable for significant housing developments”
  • The reliance on one council officer to present the case with no support from expert witnesses unlike Pye who had a Q.C. supported by six expert witnesses

The full correspondence and a copy of an address made by Stuart Brooks to all District Councillors at the September 2016 meeting of full council can be found here.

Planning Inspectorate

Regarding the Planning Inspectorate, correspondence highlighted:

  • Failure to enforce the deadlines and requirements for submission of documents
  • Poor guidance on how planning inquiries are conducted
  • Failure to produce a final agenda before the inquiry commenced
  • The “gentleman’s agreement” between the Inspector, WODC and Pye on how evidence could be presented and the failure to inform third parties

The full correspondence can be found here.

Blenheim Estates / Pye Homes Appeal Allowed

We are very sad to report that the appeals 3129767 and 3139807 have been allowed, relating to the planning applications 14/1234/P/OP and 15/03341/FUL by Blenheim Estates / Pye Homes’ against WODC’s rejection of their applications. This means that the 169 house development at the west end of Long Hanborough will go ahead, along with the expansion of the Manor Primary School, with a new, remote playing field behind Kents Bank. The documents relating to the appeal decision are:

Covering Letter
Appeal Decision

Commercial Estates Group Appeal

Commercial Estates Group (CEG), who submitted planning application 15/03797/OUT  for a development of 120 houses south of the Witney Road and west of the railway bridge, have lodged an appeal against the decision of West Oxfordshire District Council’s Uplands Planning Committee to refuse their planning application. Please write again before Wed 8 June (see below for details about what you might object to and where to send your objections).

More details about the appeal are available on this website here.

This is yet another large proposed development for housing in Hanborough, but with the capacity to be very much greater in the future since the applicant has interest in an area of adjacent fields, three times larger. Its only access would from the A4095, at a point that many of us consider dangerous, just beyond the brow of the railway bridge.

Grounds for objection are:
1. The development is not proportional, appropriate or sustainable.

2. The site’s distant location from the centre of the village, nearly 2 km away – would form an outlier, a separate social settlement.
3. Its residents would be dependent on cars, since Hanborough is not well served by public transport.
4. It is not self-sustaining but dependent on Hanborough’s existing services and infrastructure, which can’t meet the number of expected patients and school pupils
5. Its only access is onto the A4095, at a dangerous point just below the brow of the narrow railway bridge.
6. Its traffic would impact signifcantly on A4095 traffic, which is heavily congested at rush-hours.
7. It urbanises countryside between Bladon and Hanborough.
8. The housing development forms an extended breach into open countryside & would destroy views of the ancient Pinsley Wood.
9. It is adjacent to the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
10. It permanently converts valuable arable land that characterises the rural character of the village into a housing estate.
11. The developer’s interest in a considerable amount of adjacent land may lead to a much bigger development in the future. 

This is the biggest threat to Hanborough yet, and all of us in the parish need to oppose it as strongly as possible.

Please Write (the deadline is Wednesday 8 June)

Many residents wrote to the WODC Planning Department at the end of last year opposing the application, but it is extremely important that residents who wrote in the first place as well as those who didn’t, write now, either again to make further objections, or for the first time, to the Bristol Inspectorate.

You can make representations:

via email to Robert Wordsworth (Don’t forget to include your name and postal address in the email)

or online via this link and click on the ‘Make Representation’ link it the top right of the page.

or in writing (5 copies), quoting the Appeal reference, APP/D3125/W/16/3148400 to:

Robert Wordsworth,
Room 3/26 Hawk Wing,
Temple Quay House,
2 The Square,
Bristol, BS1 6PN

We urge everyone either to write again or write for the first time by the deadline of 8 June 2016.

The Appeal has been scheduled to start on Tuesday 13 December 2016 at the WODC Offices.

We will publish further information about the progress of this appeal process when we know more.

Uplands Planning Sub-Committee Decision, 29 Feb 2016

The application 15/03797/OUT by Commercial Estates Group (CEG) for the ‘Erection of up to 120 dwellings’ next to Hanborough Station was considered today (29 Feb 2016) by the WODC Uplands Planning Sub-Committee.

It was rejected by 9 votes for, 2 against and 1 abstention

The councillors were particularly concerned that the application did not address problems that it raised relating to schools and doctors surgery, and further exacerbated traffic issues with an inappropriateness junction on the A4095

Details of the grounds for rejection can be made available when published by WODC.

Thanks to everyone who turned up – about 90 villagers were in attendance.

29th Feb 2016 Uplands Area Planning Sub-Committee — Please be there if you can

2 p.m. WODC Offices, Woodgreen, Witney

The application (15/03797/OUTby Commercial Estates Group (CEG) for 120 new homes next to Hanborough station will be decided on Monday 29th February at 2 p.m. at the Woodgreen Offices of WODC in Witney.

The HAG objection document is available and the planning officer’s report and recommendation to the voting Councillors can be viewed here. They are recommending refusal of the application.

As always your magnificent support and presence at the meeting will help greatly.