This site was set up in response to recent planning proposals submitted on behalf of the Blenheim Estate and Corpus Christi College which will radically alter the character of the village of Long Hanborough.

The Corpus Christi College outline application for 50 houses was approved in April 2015, so the next step will be the submission of a detailed planning application. The Hanborough Action Group will keep you informed of this development as it proceeds.

The site will be updated to keep you informed of the progress of the proposals and advise you on how you can make your views known.

There is also a Facebook group for those that want to air their views: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ProtectHanboroughVillages/

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  1. doug gillespie

    For me we have some very strong arguments

    1. The social infrastructure cannot cope with any further increase – both education and healthcare facilities are at breaking point with the current local population and this can be easily demonstrated

    2. Physical infrastructure – The local road and rail infrastructure has already exceeded capacity indeed one could argue that it is dangerous. Clearly far too many lorries travel through Long Hanborough and there is an increasing number of commuter travellers who use the A4095 as an alternative to the clogged A40 and this in turn is further exacerbated by the lack of a rail facility in Witney forcing people there to use the Long Hanborough station and its woeful facilities as the only alternative. All putting undue pressure on an infrastructure not built to handle this type of capacity

    The current infrastructure situation is unaccetable never mind giving consideration to adding to the burden by building more homes!

    The smart thinking would be to invest in re-opening a rail or dedicated guided bus shuttle between Witney and Oxford, and make the A40 a dual carriageway all the way from the M40 to Burford where the traffic density has sufficiently diminished – Two for our local MP whoever he is…..

  2. John Corlett

    As a long-time Church Hanborough resident I’d say that this is not just about Long Hanborough itself, but about the character of the whole of Hanborough parish and probably Freeland as well. I would suggest referring to Hanborough unless you specifically mean Long Hanborough. But a very useful website – thank you!

  3. Kristina Pollard

    As someone who grew up in Hanborough and has moved away – I’d love to think someday I’d be able to move back to the village – but thats the whole point – to the “Village” not town!

  4. Duncan Enright

    We all want to see lovely homes where our children can live, but these developments all seem to be about profits not families. Let’s think about ways that we can take control of how our communities grow and prosper without losing the character we love.

  5. Anne Farmer

    Although I live in Bladon and not in Hanborough, I think we really need to all pull together and do our best to oppose this development. We all live in a rural location for a reason – because it is rural! For how much longer remains to be seen. The traffic going through our villages is already far too heavy for these country roads, and is destined to worsen considerably if this development goes ahead. Let’s try to make sure it doesn’t happen!

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